Terms and Conditions - Storage Depot
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Terms and Conditions


1. Monthly Payments of Rental
The customer shall pay to the Storage Depot total rental monthly on the 20th of each month. The freight to and from the
customer’s site is payable on the first months invoice.
2. Safe Custody of Containers
The customer shall keep and use the Container(s) at the specified address, and at no other address, in a manner that protects
them from unauthorised entry and all damage, risk and hazard.
3. Access to Containers
The customer will give the Storage Depot, its servants or its agents, at all reasonable times, access to the property where the
container(s) are kept for the purpose of inspecting or collecting the container(s).
4. Ownership & Possession
The Container(s) shall remain the sole and absolute property of the Storage Depot while being rented to the customer. The
customer shall not sell, assign, pledge, underlet, charge, mortgage, lend or otherwise part with the possession of the
Container(s). If the Storage Depot agrees to sell the Container(s) to the Customer, ownership shall not pass until payment of
the agreed sale price has been made in full.
5. Assignment
The Customer shall not be entitled to assign their rights and obligations under this Contract.
6. Loss. Damage and Liability
While the container(s) are in the Customer’s possession the Customer shall be liable for all loss, damage, graffiti, or
deterioration caused to the Container(s) by the Customer, the Customer’s servants or agents, any authorised person and any
other cause whatsoever.
The Customer shall keep the Storage Depot indemnified against all claims, costs and expenses arising out of the Customer’s
use and possession of the Container(s).
8. Termination by Customer
The Customer may terminate this contract by one (1) day’s notice to the Storage Depot. Upon the payment of all amounts due
by the Customer at the nominated termination date and the Storage Depot’s receipt of all the rented Container(s) in good
condition (fair wear and tear expected) this Contract shall terminate.
9. Termination by Storage Depot
The Storage Depot may terminate this contract if the Customer:
(a) Is in default of the payment of any rental and such default continues for a period of seven (7) days (whether proper
demand by the Storage Depot has been made or not);
(b) Has breached any other term or condition of this Contract, and has failed to remedy that breach within three (3) days of
notice being given to the Customer by the Storage Depot. In the event of termination under this clause the Storage Depot
shall be entitled to:
(i) Enter the property where the Container(s) are kept and retake the possession of the Container(s), (the customer
hereby authorises the owner entry for that purpose, which authorisation shall be irrevocable);
(ii) Recover all amounts owed by the Customer as at the termination date plus all the Storage Depot’s expenses as
provided for in this Contract.
The Customer shall pay all of the Storage Depot’s costs and expenses arising out of the Customer’s breach of the terms and
conditions of this Contract, including but not limited to the Storage Depot’s Solicitor – client costs, debt collection agency fees,
tribunal and court costs, and interest at the rate of 12% per annum on all amounts remaining unpaid after the nominated
termination date.


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