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Health and Safety Information


SIZE: 10ft, 20ft, 40ft
TYPE: High Cubed, Standard, Double Door, Side opening.
CONDITION: New, Wind and Water Tight,

On receiving your container:

  • Ensure that the container is the correct type for the intended use.
  • Ensure you have been given a demonstration on the correct use of the container

When using your container:

  • Keep hands and feet away from the doors incase they move unexpectedly.
  • If the container is raised 300mm or more above the ground, install a step for safe access.

Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Wear gloves, safety glasses and non-slip footwear for your personal protection.

Delivering and setting up container:

  • Do not stand under a suspended load or between the container and an object.
  • Keep well back from the delivery vehicle.
  • Locate the container in a safe space, away from traffic and pedestrians, on a stable, firm and level ground.

Accessing the container:

  • Inspect the doors and locks before opening.
  • Position yourself in front of the right-hand side door.
  • Check the position of the door handles. Different manufacturers have different handle positions.
  • Ensure all shipping container seals have been removed, including (if fitted) in the lock box.
  • Lift up both the door latch keeper on both door handles. Stand in front of the right hand door, toes pointed towards the container. Bend the knees slightly and keep your back straight.
  • Maintaining a comfortable stance, grab both door handle levers, one in each hand. Lift slightly and swing both (usually one swings to the left and the other to the right) either to 90 or 180 degrees. This will break the grip of the door seal. Note that some levers may swing the same way e.g. both to the left on one side/ both to the right on the other.
  • If the seals are very tight, start by removing the handles from the keepers, and use both hands to crack the inner bar first, and then follow with the second outer bar.
  • Now grab both door bars, pull the door open towards you

Closing Container Doors

  • To close the container doors, reverse the same process as for opening the container doors.
  • Ensure no one is inside the container prior to closing the doors.

Opening or closing hatches on the roof of a bulker

Provision and maintenance of a stable and fully fenced work platform or other form of physical barrier or restraint must be used to prevent a fall from height.


Ensure the doors and or hatches are closed and securely latched prior to transport.

Your Responsibility

If you are unsure about the capability or functions of this equipment, or are in doubt about how to use or maintain it correctly, please contact Storage Depot and we can answer any questions in regards to the safe operations of this equipment.


If you are concerned with the safety of the container, or do not believe the equipment is working correctly, please contact storage depot immediately.
Storage Depot:             0800 944 888


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