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Shipping Container Transport

Shipping container transport solutions throughout New Zealand

StorageDepot provides a full service that includes the option of having us arrange transport of a container or containers to your site. We are able to deliver containers nationwide by truck, rail or sea, or any combination of these.


shipping container transport hiab

Swing Lifter

container transport swing lift

Storage Depot has established solid relationships with contacts in the transport industry to ensure your container arrives safely.

Delivery and pick up costs depends on where you need your container delivered to. We will give you an exact price on transport once we are given your location.

Generally we can delivery your container within 24hours however it is subject to availability and where you are located.

Choosing the Container Delivery Method


There are two types of trucks that can be used to deliver a container. The selected truck will be based on your specific location, ease of access etc.

A Hiab is a truck that has a crane attached. This is the ideal method for delivery containers that have no truck access to where the container is required

Clearance Requirement


6m Hiab

Height Clearance – 7.5m (24′)
Width Clearance – 5m (16′)
Length Clearance – 10m (33

12m Hiab

Height Clearance – 7.5m (24′)
Width Clearance – 5m (16′)
Length Clearance – 20m (64′)

portable storage delivery

The container is unloaded from the truck by lifting it up at each end and lowering it onto the ground directly next to the truck.

Clearance Requirement


6m Sideloader

Height Clearance – 4.5m (15′)
Width Clearance – 6m (20′)
Length Clearance – 10m (33′)

12m Sideloader

Height Clearance – 4.5m (15′)
Width Clearance – 6m (20′)
Length Clearance – 16m (53)

container transport swing lift

To have a chat about transport requirements phone us on 0800 944 888


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