Shipping Container Hire Use Cases in New Zealand

shipping container for hire. 20ft new build

Shipping Container Hire Use Cases in New Zealand

About Storage Depot

Storage Depot is a trusted provider of shipping containers for hire across New Zealand. Their containers are secure, lockable, and designed to meet various storage requirements. Whether you’re a business owner, homeowner, or contractor, Storage Depot has solutions tailored to your needs.

Container Options

Storage Depot offers the following container sizes and configurations:

  1. 10ft Containers: Compact and versatile, these containers are ideal for smaller storage needs. They’re commonly used for personal storage, small business inventory, or temporary projects.
  2. 20ft Containers: The most popular size, 20ft containers provide ample space for various purposes. They’re suitable for both short-term and long-term storage, including household items, equipment, and excess stock.
  3. 40ft Containers: These large containers are perfect for industrial or commercial storage. They can accommodate bulky items, machinery, and construction materials.
  4. High Cube Containers: If you need extra vertical space, consider high cube containers. They’re taller than standard containers, making them suitable for oversized items or vertical storage.
  5. Open Sider Containers: Designed with side doors that open fully, these containers allow easy access to goods. They’re commonly used at construction sites or for loading and unloading bulky items.

Use Cases

Here are some practical scenarios where Storage Depot’s containers come in handy:

  1. Onsite Storage:
    • Commercial and Industrial: Businesses can store excess inventory, tools, and equipment conveniently on-site.
    • Residential: Homeowners can declutter by storing furniture, seasonal items, or personal effects in a secure container.
  2. Building Sites:
    • Contractors and builders use containers to store construction materials, tools, and machinery. The lockable feature ensures security.
  3. Temporary Shops:
    • Pop-up shops, market stalls, or seasonal businesses benefit from portable containers as temporary retail spaces.
  4. Farming Equipment:
    • Farmers can store tractors, implements, and other equipment on their property, ensuring protection from the elements.
  5. Business Documents:
    • Companies can archive important documents, records, or files in a dry and secure container.
  6. Furniture Storage:
    • During renovations or relocations, homeowners can safely store furniture and household items.
  7. Sporting Equipment:
    • Sports clubs, schools, or recreational centers can keep sports gear organized and accessible.
  8. Excess Stock Storage:
    • Retailers and wholesalers can manage surplus inventory efficiently.
  9. Domestic Items:
    • Whether downsizing or moving, individuals can store belongings temporarily or long-term.


shipping container for hire - 40ft new build

40ft new build High Cube container for hire


Competitive Rates and Quality Service


Storage Depot offers competitive container hire rates, flexible lease terms (short or long), and reliable service. Their prompt delivery and pickup ensure a hassle-free experience for customers.

For inquiries or bookings, contact Storage Depot at 0800 944 888 or email With offices conveniently located throughout New Zealand, they bring storage solutions right to your doorstep.

Remember, whether you’re renting or buying, Storage Depot guarantees your satisfaction with their containers.


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